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Thank you for your interest in our guitars.

Every guitar starts with a conversation with you. We will talk about what you look for in a guitar, discussing every detail. Aiming for a guitar that will truly fit you.

We’re talking about a true custom shop experience where you can get a guitar based on your needs and desires, but with our style and understanding of a great guitar.

We make full hollow bodies, a very hollow and lightweight semi-hollow body (70% hollow), solid bodies, carved tops. Lots of electronic configurations with the pickup brands that we know best represent the sound we’re after. And other specs like color, neck dimensions, string spacing, scale length and radius (and much more), all of these specifications that are so relevant and preferred so uniquely from each one of us are discussed so it just fits.

To get a quote send us a message, through the form or using any contact available in the contact page. Let’s talk about it.

You can also check our available page to see the guitars that are in stock right now, ready to be shipped.

Prices start at 2500€.

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    Get a quote, learn how to buy.

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    +351910723161 (using Whatsapp or Telegram)

    Figueira da Foz, Portugal